POCKETWEEZ: tweez too Folding Tweezers

by Pocketweez

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in Splinter, Tick, and Hair Removal

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  • Made in the USA
  • Precise tips and gripping power
  • Slant surface for tweezing unwanted hair
  • Hand sharpened tips for removing slivers and imbedded irritants
  • Portable, snaps into its tough but lightweight handle for tip protection
  • Easy open lever to snap the tweezers into the open position
  • The perfect gift, a unique folding tweezers design

Colors: colorchip-charcoalcolorchip-pink

Charcoal/Stainless Steel
Pink/Stainless Steel

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POCKETWEEZ: tweez too Folding Tweezers with its unique combination of precision tips, slant surface and solid gripping power can handle any sliver, tick, or unwanted hair. Snap it into the handle for travel or storage and snap into the fully open position with the easy open lever. The tips are hardened, corrosion resistant stainless steel and the handle is tough but lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon with a convenient key ring hole. DON’T GET STUCK WITHOUT IT.

Details: tweez too Folding Tweezers

– Closed: 2 ¾” x 5/8” x 3/16”
– Open: 4” x 5/8 “ x 3/16”

Product Weight: 10 grams (.36 oz.)
Lighter than the average ignition key (3oz.)

 tweez too Folding Tweezers Guarantee

tweez too comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship. Email info@pocketweez.com with questions or comments.
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Q. Why does PockeTweez look different than other tweezers?

Is the phrase “form follows function” familiar? With a construction business we were all too familiar with splinters and were tired of blunt, weak gripping, clumsy tweezers. The fat but ultra precise and sharp PockeTweez tips were designed specifically for removing slivers. Squeezing near the tips produces maximum gripping pressure.

Q. What is PockeTweez™?

Originally designed for removing slivers, PockeTweez is the world’s best folding tweezers for removing hair, ingrown whiskers, ticks, splinters, and thorns.

Q. Why a folding tweezer?

The tips of the PockeTweez tweezers are so sharp and precise that they need to be protected when not in use. Rather than removing a separate cap that could be lost, the integral handle becomes the protective cap in the folded and locked position so it is safer around children, in your pocket, or wherever it is stored.

When the PockeTweez is unfolded it snaps into position, effectively doubling it’s length for added control and dexterity when tweezing. The unique integrated handle/tip protector is the only one of its kind in the tweezers industry.

Q. Is PockeTweez durable?

Yes, made in the USA, it is crafted to the highest standards. The surgical stainless steel is hardened to the best combination of hardness and durability and are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

Q. Can PockeTweez be sterilized?

Yes, use a flame, boiling water, or alcohol.

Q. What if I want to use it for something other than slivers?

There are hundreds of uses for PockeTweez. It’s especially good for precisely and firmly gripping and holding tiny objects like hair, ticks and slivers but can also be used to untie knots, pick up a needle or untangle a fishing line or necklace.

  1. I find PockeTweez works great for removing my ingrown whiskers. This is the best tweezer I’ve ever used and the only tweezers I’ll ever need. Great innovation!

  2. This is an amazing set of tweezers grabs only the hair you need.

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