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PockeTweez – The Original Folding Tweezers

by Pocketweez
Due to manufacturing and supply issues, the original POCKETWEEZ is no longer in production. 

Out of Stock.

  • 416 stainless steel
  • Precise tips and gripping power
  • Hand sharpened tips for removing slivers and embedded irritants
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Individually sharpened by Master Craftsmen
  • Made in the USA


This revolutionary U.S. made precision tweezer is great for medical use and as a pedicure tool. Unlike ordinary blunt, weak-gripping tweezers, PockeTweez (Pocket Tweeze) tweezers grip even stronger under pressure. These travel tweezers provide accurate and pain-free tweezing and fold to protect the pointed tips. Not even Rubis or Tweezerman Slant tweezers can compare.

PockeTweez is manufactured in the USA by Precision Metalsmiths, Inc. using the investment casting or lost wax process. A similar process is used in jewelry making. The 416 stainless steel PockeTweez is heat treated by Stack Metallurgical Services to the optimum combination of durability and hardness for tweezers. The final steps in the process — assembly, sharpening and inspections — take place at our You-Tools facility in Bend, Oregon, USA.

The Original PockeTweez Dimensions:

– Closed: 2 ½” x 5/8” x 3/16”
– Open: 4” x 5/8 “ x 3/16”

The Original PockeTweez Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We guarantee your complete satisfaction or simply return your PockeTweez to us within 30 days for a full refund.
Product Guarantee – PockeTweez comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. Return it to You-Tools for repair or replacement and all you pay is a shipping and handling fee of $8.
Free Sharpening: If your PockeTweez needs sharpening, send it to us and we will sharpen it for free or replace if necessary. $8 Shipping and handling fee applies. Free sharpening applies to shipments within the USA only.

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Q. Why does PockeTweez look different than other tweezers?

Is the phrase “form follows function” familiar? With a construction business we were all too familiar with splinters and were tired of blunt, weak gripping, clumsy tweezers. The fat but ultra precise and sharp PockeTweez tips were designed specifically for removing slivers. Squeezing near the tips produces maximum gripping pressure.

Q. What is PockeTweez™?

Originally designed for removing slivers, PockeTweez is the world’s best folding tweezers for removing hair, ingrown whiskers, ticks, splinters, and thorns.

Q. Why does PockeTweez look different than other tweezers?

We developed tweezers that actually work. Not more of the same blunt, weak gripping, clumsy tweezers. The fat but ultra precise and sharp tips were designed specifically for removing slivers. Squeeze near the tips to apply maximum gripping pressure. Because of those qualities, they have proven to be the best for most other tweezers uses too.

Q. Why a folding tweezer?

The tips of the PockeTweez tweezers are so sharp and precise that they need to be protected when not in use. Rather than removing a separate cap that could be lost, the integral handle becomes the protective cap in the folded and locked position so it is safer around children, in your pocket, or wherever it is stored.

When the PockeTweez is unfolded it snaps into position, effectively doubling it’s length for added control and dexterity when tweezing. The unique integrated handle/tip protector is the only one of its kind in the tweezers industry.

Q. It seems like a lot to pay for tweezers.

Quality Swiss type tweezers fall into the $15-$40 price range and are cut, formed, welded and finished. Low quality tweezers are similar but cost $2-$7. If you are ok with the function of either of those 2 classes of ordinary tweezers, fine. But if you want more from your tweezers than disappointment, try PockeTweez. Customers find the value of PockeTweez in the unique combination of power and precision. The parts are investment cast from 416 stainless steel, hardened and sharpened to very precise tips. The protective handle is part of the design so a sleeve or cap isn’t needed.

Q. Is PockeTweez durable?

Yes, made in the USA, it is crafted to the highest standards. The 416 surgical stainless steel is hardened to the best combination of hardness and durability and has a lifetime guarantee of quality tweezing.

Q. Can PockeTweez be sterilized?

Yes, use a flame, boiling water, alcohol, or doctors use an autoclave.

Q. What happens if PockeTweez should need sharpening?

if it ever needs sharpening, just send it to us and we’ll sharpen it free.

Q. What if I want to use it for something other than slivers?

There are hundreds of uses for PockeTweez. It’s especially good for precisely and firmly gripping and holding tiny objects like hair, ticks and slivers but can also be used to untie knots, pick up a needle or untangle a fishing line or necklace.

  1. “I have enjoyed using my PockeTweez. I first saw your product in the Feb 2011 edition of Mountain Bike Action. The writers rate and review multiple products every month. When I saw PockeTweez I immediately knew that my Dad would love it, so I ordered two. One for him and one for myself. I really like how much grip I can get on slivers and it really feels like a solid product. As strange as it may sound, I almost look forward to getting a sliver now so I can use these tweezers. Thanks for making a quality product, they are getting harder to come by.”

  2. “I think two things make this set of tweezers perfect for tradespeople. First, they fold up to a mere 2.5″ in length and attach to a key chain, so they’re around when you need them, not home in the medicine cabinet. Second, unlike ordinary tweezers that flex open when pinched hard, the harder you pinch PockeTweez, the stronger the grip on the sliver.”

  3. “Yesterday I got one of those monster splinters that went into one side of my finger and came out the other. Last night I read Christopher Schwarz’s plug for your tweezers in the latest Popular Woodworking Magazine (2/11). Good timing. I’ve been looking for years for a serious pair of tweezers designed for the woodworker. Thanks.”

  4. “I had a couple of slivers under my fingernail and the PockeTweez just zipped them right out. The tweezers tips are just a really, really good shape for gripping and removing slivers”

  5. “I just used the PockeTweez for the first time at the clinic, to remove a tick from a patient. I couldn’t believe I was able to go around the tick’s body to where the head was buried, grab it and pull it out. It worked beautifully! Thank you, thank you for making my job easier.”

  6. “Wow! The PockeTweez is the best plucking tweezer I’ve ever used. You can grab just one hair at a time and it doesn’t hurt like when you get 2 or 3. I love it.”

  7. “I can’t wait to get a sliver but for now I find it works great on my ingrown beard hairs.”

  8. “This was my second order of 2 PockeTweez. They worked so good that I ordered 2 more. I saw it in Family Handyman Magazine. You all are right about it being a very nice gift for friends as in this part of the country NE Arkansas…I call it Tick Haven..we have more ticks than Carter has Liver pills. Thank you for a good product.”

  9. “Family Handyman had a photo and short write up in the current issue. PockeTweez is the perfect gift for a busy mother of 4 boys who all get splinters and she has only 15 seconds at a traffic stop light to pluck an out of place eye brow.”

  10. “I almost look forward to getting slivers now. I’ve pulled out several after doing yard work and it’s a snap!! :)”

  11. “Before we got the PockeTweez, our shop employee, Bob, would come to me for “the needle”. Recently he had a subsurface splinter, I handed him the PockeTweez, he got it right out and now he’s hooked.”

  12. “I saw an article on PockeTweez in a great magazine called Fine Woodworking. I’ve been using your tool for about 3 weeks now and I love it. I am a contractor in Las Vegas and our company builds stairs, decking and installs hardwood floors. We use mostly exotic woods and I’ve personally removed about a dozen or more splinters and a few of our crew have tried it also. I’ve always used fingernail clippers to dig splinters out in the past and it sometimes feels like minor surgery. The edges of your tool are extremely sharp and and accurate, they do a much better job than anything I’ve used in 33 years.”

  13. “My painter friend who has his own business was using his knife to pick at a sliver in his hand. I pulled my PockeTweez out of my pocket and told him to try it. He got it right out and wanted to know where he could buy one.”

  14. “While stoking a fire the piece of wood slid out of my hand, but not before a sliver embedded itself in my finger. I was amazed when the PockeTweez pulled out a half inch sliver in one smooth stroke without breaking it.”

  15. “You may wonder why I was walking barefoot through the bark dust? Well, I was in a hurry. Needless to say, I had many little slivers. But…thanks to the genius of PockeTweez…I removed all of them with ease. Thank you!”

  16. “I received it Saturday and it has already removed three slivers! One was a very thin steel sliver that went straight into my hand from band sawing some galvanized fencing brackets and it did a great job of managing to get hold of it and pull it out. Another cedar sliver was easily grabbed and on Monday, I brought it to work and showed it to our carpenter. He used it to get a wood sliver out that had been lodged entirely beneath his skin and was grown over. Took about 3 tries but he got it. It is very well designed and well made. Thanks for designing a nice tool.”

  17. “When I was young, my parents would go after slivers with a needle. The tips of the PockeTweez are sharp like a needle but unlike a needle, when you get to the sliver, you can just grab it and pull it out. A needle just can’t do that and it hurts a lot more.”

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