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An Eyebrow Tweezer that is also perfect for ingrown hair or whiskers, PockeTweez is new to the personal, cosmetic and beauty tweezers market. The sharp points can easily get to an ingrown hair, plugged pore, or pluck an individual eyebrow hair. This Bend OR, stainless steel portable tweezer folds to protect the tips while ensuring accurate plucking. It's so easy to take with you, you won't get stuck without it. Not even Rubis or Tweezerman Slant are comparable to PockeTweez.*

Learn how to remove ingrown or unwanted hair / whiskers below.

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"W ow! The PockeTweez is the best eyebrow tweezer I've ever used. You can grab just one hair at a time and it doesn't hurt like when you get 2 or 3. I love it." - Caitlin F.

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HOW TO: Remove an Ingrown Hair


An ingrown hair is a hair that curls back on itself and starts growing back into the follicle or a hair that fails to grow out of the follicle and stays embedded in the skin. Ingrown hairs are usually just minor irritations, but they can be painful and unsightly. What's more, if they are left untreated ingrown hairs can become infected. Unfortunately, almost everybody will get one at some time, and if you shave regularly, you may have to deal with ingrown hairs quite frequently. Got one now? Follow these instructions to get rid of it and to keep that little pain in the neck (or face, or leg) from coming back.


1. Identify the ingrown hair. Not all bumps on the skin are caused by ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs, often called razor bumps, occur most frequently on the beard area or on other places, such as the legs, where you shave. They typically cause skin irritation that looks and feels like a small pimple or cyst and may contain pus. You may also be able to see the hair just below the skin.


2. Apply a warm, moist compress to the area for a few minutes to soften the skin. If you can see the ingrown hair embedded in the skin, this treatment will soften the hair and bring it closer to the surface. If you can't initially see the hair, leave the warm compress on until it rises to the skin's surface. If you apply the compress for ten minutes and you still can't see any sign of hair, the problem is probably something else.