PockeTweez - The Original Folding Tweezers for Work
PockeTweez - The Original Folding Tweezers for Grooming
PockeTweez - The Original Folding Tweezers for Recreation

Product Availability

November 27, 2017 – The “tweez too” in both pink and charcoal are in stock. If there are current promotions, you will see the offers during the buy process.

About pockeTweez Folding Tweezers

The original pockeTweez, made by You-Tools, is known as a set of tweezers with sharp points for accessing embedded irritants and positive grip to remove them. They are portable and more useful since you’ll have them when needed. Our tweezers snap into the open position, then snap closed into the handle for safety and to protect the sharp tips. Once folded, throw it in a drawer, in a pocket, in a bag or on a key ring.

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About USA made ‘tweez too’ Folding Tweezers

The original design has been improved to bring you tweez too, the newest folding tweezers from pockeTweez. Design modifications include a new easy open lever, slant tips and improved gripping surfaces. Now in addition to sliver and tick removal, they are perfect for tweezing unwanted hair.

The tweez too is portable and snaps into its tough but lightweight handle for travel and tip protection. Use the lever to snap the stainless steel tweezers into the open position.

Folding Tweezer Uses

Gifts, Travel, Ingrown Hair, Whiskers, Grooming, Slivers, Brow Shaping, Splinters, Ticks, Thorns


Woodworkers, Cosmetologist, Sportsmen, Doctors, Families, Gardeners, Metal Workers, Painters, Crafters, Professionals